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about us

Immerse yourself

Introducing Arctic Ice Bath, your ultimate oasis for healing, strength, resilience, and fortitude. Unleash the power of cold water therapy with an Arctic Ice Bath and experience your unique untapped potential like never before. Escape the chaos, embrace the chill!

With your own Arctic Ice Bath, you can now experience the remarkable benefits of reduced inflammation, increased energy levels, enhanced recovery of body, mind and spirit, and improved mental resilience in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
our philosophy

Our craft, our passion, your ritual

With Arctic Ice Bath, you have the freedom to create a personalised oasis of relaxation and peace. Choose from our range of options and have your ice bath handcrafted and delivered right to your doorstep. Don’t wait any longer to make the change in your life. It’s time to embrace the power of cold water therapy and elevate your well-being like never before. Transform your home into a sanctuary of rejuvenation and elevation with Arctic Ice Bath today!

our story

Where it all began

2017, two life partners travelled to different parts of the world, experiencing each culture authentically and locally. I first immersed myself in glacier waters, complementing this experience with a traditionally crafted sweat lodge. My body’s senses were heightened, my energy levels through the roof, and my nervous system instantly reset. In these moments of calm amid the storm, I discovered a new obsession with cold and heat exposure therapy.

After my partner and I returned from our incredible travel experience, she discovered a small lump in her breast, setting off a journey of chaos, stress, and uncertainty—cancer. It’s something we never anticipated happening to us or anyone close. Yet, as incredible and beautiful as life is, it also has its opposing side. Understanding that stress, certain diets, health, well-being, and lifestyle all play a major role in the potential risks of getting cancer, I internally committed to doing anything possible to minimize my partner’s cancer cells and my own. Little did I know that my love for the cold and its benefits would become the anchor I needed to be the best version of myself for my partner during her journey.

our mission

Just a local Aussie carpenter/builder of 12 years, who loves bringing people’s crazy creative ideas to life

Our mission here at Arctic Ice Bath is to raise awareness for those who feel like their runway is too short. We aim to lift people up, giving them the space to breathe, reset, and enjoy all that life has to offer, even when it gets chaotic. We want to grant people the freedom to create, design, and imagine their oasis.